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Dec 11 2008
Judge blocks "I Believe" plate!

A Federal Judge today ruled that SC can not issue its "I Believe" plate featuring a cross. Unlike some of the other "special" plates that represent the viewpoint of a particular group or organization (like our own "In Reason We Trust" plate), this plate was to be free and was sponsored by the legislature itself. Some of the legislators were even quoted as saying that they would not have voted to support it if it had been some other religion other than Christianity on the plate! With that in mind, the judge had little choice but to recognize this as an instance of the government promoting one particular religious viewpoint, a clear constitutional violation.

For more information check out this AU press release.

Dec 11 2008
Re: Judge blocks "I Believe" plate!

Wow, hey! Thanks to the AU (national and local) for their work on this!

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