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Oct 31 2008
Herb in Boy Scout Uniform in City Paper!!!

Okay, ya GOTTA check out this news story, even if you don't read it, just to see the picture of Herb Silverman wearing a Boy Scout uniform while reading God Delusion.

The story is a familiar one to many of us. The Boy Scouts of America has rules which specifically exclude atheists and homosexuals. The usual defense that this has anything to do with morality is offensive to ethical people who happen to be non-religious or gay. And the retort that they are a private organization and so have the right to exclude people for any reason is correct, but beside the point. Just as the KKK is allowed to keep out Jews and Blacks, the BSA is allowed to discriminate against atheists and homosexuals, but that doesn't mean I have to condone it. It is a shame that the BSA otherwise does seem like a good organization, because they could easily just change this one policy and still do all of the good things they currently do. (Unlike the KKK which, if you got rid of their discrimination, would be nothing.)

So, personally, I'm glad that there are people like Herb making a stink about this because I'd like to see a day when the BSA corrects this one glaring flaw.

Nov 7 2008
Re: Herb in Boy Scout Uniform in City Paper!!!

this is really great! nice find.

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