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Feb 7 2005
 Religious right fights science for the heart of America

Creationists take their challenge to evolution theory into the classroom

Suzanne Goldenberg in Kansas City

Monday February 7, 2005

The Guardian

Al Frisby has spent the better part of his life in rooms filled with rebellious teenagers, but the last years have been particularly trying for the high school biology teacher. He has met parents who want him to teach that God created Eve out of Adam's rib, and then then adjusted the chromosomes to make her a woman, and who insist that Noah invited dinosaurs aboard the ark. And it is getting more difficult to keep such talk out of the classroom.

"Somewhere along the line, the students have been told the theory of evolution is not valid," he said. "In the last few years, I've had students question my teaching about cell classification and genetics, and there have been a number of comments from students saying: 'Didn't God do that'?" In Kansas, the geographical centre of America, the heart of the American heartland, the state-approved answer might soon be Yes. In the coming weeks, state educators will decide on proposed curriculum changes for high school science put forward by subscribers to the notion of "intelligent design", a modern version of creationism. If the religious right has its way, and it is a powerful force in Kansas, high school science teachers could be teaching creationist material by next September, charting an important victory in America's modern-day revolt against evolutionary science.,12271,1407422,00.html

Feb 8 2005

I came across an interesting Letter to the Editor on this subject from a Christian supporter of evolution.

"Science and religion do not have to be at war with one another, and I truly believe that creationism is hurting the reputation of Christians much more than it is helping."

It's unfortunate that more Christians don't agree with Amanda Branum.

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