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Sep 10 2008
Football Prayers at SC High Schools

Check out this August 23, 2008 article from the Florence Morning News on the fine church-state line being walked by some South Carolina high school football coaches. Many pray with their teams

before each game. This summer, many coaches and players attended a three day

Fellowship of Christian Athletes football camp at University of South

Carolina-Upstate in Spartanburg. Hemingway High School ends every

practice with the Lord's Prayer, says the Lord's Prayer before and after

every game, and holds a devotion every week. However assistant coach Bucky

Davis said: "Everyone's welcome to their own opinions. We don't force anyone

to do anything. The kids (convert to Christ) out of their own free will."

Lamar High School coach J.R. Boyd said: "We went to church as a team

one time and I found out that many of our kids had never seen the inside of

a church. We went to FCA camp as well and many of my kids were saved in the


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