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Jun 15 2005
Herb's Debate at Oxford

Herb, I recently read your brief article for the IHS (International Humanist Studies) newsletter about your debate at Oxford. Congratulations on your victory! I was wondering if you could expand on that article a bit and give a few more details. What were some of the arguments used? What were your arguments? Is there an audio or video copy of the debate available? If so, how might one go about obtaining a copy? (And of course, any other details you might like to share, I'd appreciate.)

Thank you for being such an excellent representative of secular humanism!


Billy Kelly

Jun 15 2005

Actually the IHS stands for Institute for Humanist Studies. Oops! My mistake.

Jun 16 2005
from Herb in Finland


Herb's actually out of the country right now. However, I brought your message to his attention and he says:

I am at a Math Conference in Finland now. A tape of the debate has been mailed to me but I haven't seen it yet. [Name deleted for privacy] picked up the tape from my mailbox and, I think, has viewed it. You can get a copy from him, if you wish. If you do listen to it, let me know what you think. I'll post some answer when I return from Europe (mid-July).


Jun 17 2005


Thanks for passing my message on to Herb. The name of the person who has a copy of the tape was deleted for privacy. Could you perhaps send me an e-mail to let me know who has the tape and how to contact them? My e-mail address is:

Thanks again, Alex!


Jun 20 2005

At present, we apparently only have one copy of the tape. However, it is being duplicated (and made into a DVD if I understood correctly). Once those are available, I will post another message here with information about how they can be purchased and/or borrowed.


Jun 27 2005
bad news

As far as we can tell, the tape that was being used ENDED just moments into Herb's portion of the debate. Consequently, although we DO have recordings of several other speakers at the debate, and we have at least some photographic evidence that Herb wore a tuxedo, it looks as if we may never get to see a recording of Herb's actual presentation in Oxford.


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