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Jul 26 2008
Illinois governor gives $1m to church

As for Pilgrim Baptist Church, [Governor] Blagojevich insists they will still get their money. However, atheist activist Rob Sherman is suing to prevent the church from getting the money, saying the pledge violates the separation of church and state.

"You can't force citizens to support a particular church," Sherman said.

"We all know Rod did this two months before his primary election victory over Edwin Eisendrath. January 2006, when the fire happens, and he's in the March primary against Eisendrath, Rod was pandering for black votes. I understand that. But you can't have the state donating $1 million to a church. You can't do that with tax dollars."

A spokeswoman for the Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity says the pledge is legal because the church hosts nonreligious community activites: "The grant to Pilgrim Baptist Church is constitutional and proper. It has a clear secular purpose -- the construction of a community center that will house social programs open to the public regardless of religious affiliation or ability to pay."

See ... mah_mo.php for more info.

Aug 1 2008
Re: Illinois governor gives $1m to church

Where do these people get their law degrees? How could any politician think it was constitutional to donate a million dollars of tax money to a church? We can be pretty darn sure they are not putting the money in a separate fund to be used only for hosting non-religious community events. There's no way to keep the money out of the hands of those who want to proselytize.

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