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Jun 17 2008
City Paper Conservative Columnist defends Church-State Sep

D.A. Smith, The Charleston City Paper's conservative columnist, wrote a nice essay this week supporting Church-State separation - for conservative reasons.

Regarding Governor Sanford's refusal to either sign or veto a recent bill to allow the "I Believe" license plate, thereby allowing it to become law without his signature he says,

What bothers me is that for a guy who continually whines about fiscal responsibility and limited government, it's hard to believe that Mark Sanford would blow off a "gimmie" to show off his conservative/libertarian credentials.

Interestingly - he means Sanford should have vetoed it to save tax payers the cost of inevitable litigation. (I'm not actually sure that plate is a constitutional problem if all the money for it comes from private funds, but whatever.)

Anyway - check it out

Jun 19 2008

I think you're confusing D.A. Smith (who writes "The Wandering Eye" column) with Jack Hunter ("The Southern Avenger"). Hunter is the City Paper's token conservative columnist.

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