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Jun 11 2008
Southern Baptists Try to Get Political

Read this news story to hear about how the latest Southern Baptist convention is seeking to make sure that members of their denomination vote for McCain in November.

Jun 11 2008

Personally, I have nothing against the idea that people will use their religious beliefs (or non-beliefs as in my case) in determining who to vote for in a democracy. Of course, they should use all of their reasoning powers and all of their beliefs in exercising their political power.

The thing I don't get is why the Southern Baptists think that abortion and school prayer are the two issues that trump all others. Torturing prisoners, declaring war based on flimsy evidence, keeping our troops in danger rather than admitting the war was a mistake, destroying the planet, wasting precious natural resources, not working to provide the basic needs of our poorest citizens, etc. all seem like important things that arguably go against their "Biblical values" as much as those two...but for some reason they seem to be ignored.

PS I'd like to add that I have no problem with people using their religious beliefs in determining who to vote for as long as their not trying to force their religion on everyone else. That's the boundary of "freedom of religion". For example, you can't vote to make Southern Baptist the official denomination of the US or to charge people higher tax rates if they are Mormon or anything like that...even if you think it's the right thing to do according to your ``Biblical values''.

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