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Jan 7 2008
a christian reviews "a history of disbelief"

Brian Scholtens, a C of C biology professor who also happens to be a Christian, wrote a review of the TV show "A Brief History of Disbelief" that was published in a recent issue of the Post and Courier. Just as the show tried to be fair and balanced (a difficult task for anyone), Scholtens also tries to be fair to the show even though he does not share its atheistic viewpoint. IMHO, both achieve admirably.

Scholtens' biggest complaint is that the TV show (like many people) views science and religion as being two sides of an exclusive choice: you get one or the other. Scholtens argues that it is not a simple dichotomy, pointing out that many of the famous historical scientists the show cites were themselves religious.

So, I'm going to try to be more careful in the future myself. There certainly seem to be some points of disagreement between science and religion, but as people like Scholtens demonstrate, it is possible to believe in both simultaneously.

Here is a link to the whole article in the P&C.

Jan 21 2008
Twice Now ETV has censored this show

It is disgusting that taxpayers have to pay for censorship, not once but twice now. I agree that one can be a scientist & hold some religious ideas separately & not antagonise either side. However other religious ideas are direct enemies of science. It's one thing to stand for metaphorical immortality through "transcendance" & belief while it is another think to force Genesis tales into geology or biology or molecular/cellular medicine/research. Public Television does not deserve a single penny from our pockets until South Carolina ends it's censorship of Atheists & Scientists on this matter. I deeply respect Christians & Muslims & Jews & Hindus & Buddhists who do not attack science or free speech & keep their beliefs in their private intimate realms & their congregations of choice. Our secular society depends upon such people of good will who let us exercise our "free will" to just say no to any religion. The problem remains the theocrat & the bigot who pretend that dogma shall rule the roost & all others must take a back seat. As I said to a fine Christian woman yesterday, I have no problem with the beattitudes. Putting a non-violent kind religion into action is exactly what our Constitution guarantees & our society must prevent violent & cruel religious ideas from becoming government policy.

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