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Dec 27 2007
Evangelism in the Military

This story about evangelism in the US military specifically mentions South Carolina:

Dec 27 2007

This article really hits home with me. At age 17, I left Fargo, ND for Marine Corps basic training. IMMEDIATELY, I could see the religion around me. They taught (and still do) the moral grounds of "God, Country, Corps". At that time (1993), I would consider myself an Agnostic to Apatheist...I really didn't care about religion. But, I had to go through the motions. To understand USMC boot camp...essentially, they break you down mentally over the course of a few weeks and the rest of time they built you back up, both mentally and physically. This is to include having to say prayers every night and attending sunday church services. We DID have the choice to go to church on sundays, but I feel for the one who refused to go. What an oxymoron.

All and all, boot camp was a well-needed stepping-stone for me. I could've done without the religious aspect of it all. :roll:

Dec 30 2007
veterans discussing military "training"

Hi Dan, Semper Fi, not in the religious sense of course, I'm a US Navy vet & our boot camp was across the water from MCRD San Diego, you can imagine why we hung our laundry in a certain direction as a "tradition."

Sailors being tough with inter-service rivalries included my last time with football pads playing against the Marines at Pendelton.

I squared off against a taller heavier player, at 6'4" I was not small, but the six foot seven opponent did not seem prepared for someone who played high school & scrimmaged at Drake University.

I'm sure you were stronger for your size & deportment.

Without religious threats & bribes in our brains, America is stronger with Atheist Veterans & American Atheist active duty personnel.

I had a 14 year USMC vet friend in the Omaha area who continues to fight for his Atheist family there. School districts, local gov'ts & politicians seem eager to shove xian shit down citizen throats until we stand our ground & educate the ignorant on just what DEFENDING THE CONSTITUTION REALLY MEANS. Our oaths we took seriously, not the alleged deity word, but the entirety of the Constitution.

Were you at Paris Island?

Thank you for your service to our nation, despite the deserter in chief boy Bush now masqjuerading as Commander In Chief.

"Charlie Wilson's War" is now in the movie theatres spinning the Afghan situation from Jimmy Carter onward neglecting, I'm sure without seeing much of it yet, all the drug lords & war lords & opium narco-terrorists in that large equation claiming to have "defeated communism" single handedly? What a McCarthyistic crock.

Volunteering at Ralph Johnson VAMC just might get people a little more back to earth on what really happens when some come back from a war, whether the Phillipines (yes there are Marines in the bush yet today) of McArthur or depleted Uranium vets exposed on battlefields in too many places on our planet.

Strength through peace, Larry

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