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Dec 9 2007
children suffering "witch hunts" in Nigeria

This is "faith" at its absolute worst: Christian preachers in Nigeria have convinced people that they can identify children who are "witches". These kids are blamed for disease, job loss, etc. Then, horrifically, they are tortured, murdered or abandoned.

Please read this story from the British newspaper "The Guardian", even though it is not very pleasant. But, what about the big question: Is there something we can do to help the kids who are still suffering and prevent it from happening to more in the future?,,2224553,00.html?gusrc=rss&feed=12

Dec 9 2007
Right out of the Middle Ages

This is sickening. Children are having nails driven into their heads and boiling water and lye poured on them.

I recently read accounts of the witch hunts in Europe in the Middle Ages and this is no different. Then people were also paid to find witches and then others were paid to "save" them by driving the devils out with torture. Most of those "saved" did not survive of course. Children were often victims then too. And if anyone had doubts that the accused was a witch, they were denounced next. Has humanity learned nothing in 500 years?

I don't know what to do. The best I can think of is to embarrass the Nigerian government into seriously prosecuting the preachers that are instigating this. But Nigeria is also the country where polio is still hanging on despite eradication in almost every other country in the word because of superstition about the vaccine causing sterility.

There is a petition online ....

Since this is an outgrowth of evangelical Christianity, it would be nice if American Evangelicals put their considerable political weight behind helping the victims and ending this medieval horror in our own time.

is there some way to set up an account for the home housing the 133 survivors that we could donate to?

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