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Nov 28 2007
questioning candidates about religion

Thought y'all might be interested in this article that I saw on the internet. It talks about how we should be asking candidates more pressing questions about their religious beliefs. It spends a bit too much time bashing Mormonism (as if other religious beliefs are completely sensible), but it is still an interesting read. My favorite part is:

We've now experienced 7 years of God-talks-to-me, faith-based, Jesus-is-my-favorite-philosopher, science-shmyence, governance of George W. Bush. And look where it's gotten us. Which is why I really want to start getting some specific questions posed to any candidate, Republican or Democrat, who wears his/her faith like an American flag lapel pin and/or tosses around references to their "faith" as though it's some kind of UL certification of righteousness.

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