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Sep 23 2007
Insult Directed Towards Atheists in Paper Today

Faith and Values section titled "Mother Teresa stayed devoted to God". You can start to form an opinion already about someone who is trying to "justify" or "skew a reality". The writer of the article is a Christian author who thankfully leaves a name and web address. The closing sentence of the article after building up Mother Teresa's works reads "Where are the atheists with the same track record?" I honestly hate our paper here....I knew what to expect when I moved back from the more liberal (but still superstitiously infected) California.....I mean, who else thinks fishing and nascar are olympic worthy sports? I'm planning on writing a letter back to the paper and the author as well.....hopefully some more can chime in....we really need to get a constant voice on print.

Sep 24 2007
I've been hearing this kind of challenge more lately.

Thank you for the posting. I've been hearing this kind of challenge more lately. I think we need to prepare answers, but not the kind that just bashes the religious icon. It's difficult obviously since atheists with similar track records can't and aren't going to advertise their atheism, since it will very likely sabotage their cause. It's a catch 22: an atheist with a cause knows to hide their atheism because it will hurt their cause for atheism to be associated with it, but then that perpetuates the idea that atheists don't do good works, which hurts their causes.

It would be great if you could post your reply here as well. Let's collect some answers for this issue that we all can call upon.

I'll try to do the same.


Sep 25 2007

My intentions in the letter I'm brainstorming are to point out the defensiveness of the author in response to a truth that was revealed by Theresa herself and her fellow Christian wasn't a fabricated story by Christian hating Atheists. Also, I was going to name recent Christian figures with bad track records such as child molesting priests, Ted Haggard, and Jerry Falwell. I would then list a few non-Christian contributors to the world such as Albert Einstein, Bill Gates, and Patrick Tillman. I was debating on quoting some of the egregious biblical passages and possibly the ratio of Christians to Atheists in prisons. I definitely want to state that in every designation of belief there are "good" and "bad" people. I do want to mention some of Theresa's shortfalls and let it be known that she is far from the perfection she is believed to have been.

Sep 26 2007

I haven't had a chance to sit down and write it yet, but I was thinking of writing something short about the most altruistic person I have ever had the honor of knowing personally. I knew a man who after working as a volunteer in the civil rights movement decided to devote his life to helping others. I met him in the early 1990s when we were among the co-founders of a self-help organization for homeless and poor people in Boston. At that point, he spent all of his time either collecting food to redistribute to the poor, cooking food for the poor, or distributing food to the poor. He had almost no personal belongings and shared his tiny apartment with a handful of the most responsible homeless people in the area. And, of course, I mention him in this context because he was an atheist. (In fact, if I'm remembering correctly, he was raised by an atheist mom who always prepared extra lunch for the hobos on the train tracks near their house during the depression.)

There are not too many people who are quite that selfless, but I am certain that a small percentage of them (about the same as the small percentage of the entire world population that is atheist) do so without any belief in God or a reward in the afterlife.


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