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Aug 11 2007
The Guardian (UK Newspaper) on Dawkins' atheist TV shows

I thought this Guardian editorial on Atheism, the new zealotry was well written and thought out. Maybe some people here will say that it is "anti-atheist", but I kinda agree with its viewpoint that there is an extremism to the atheism in the media today that would be better avoided.

Aug 13 2007

I'm looking forward to Dawkins' new series. One thing I don't like about the article is the all too common misuse of "militant atheism". Atheists aren't burning churches, executing the religious, etc. They are no more aggressive in their beliefs than a religious person theirs but I never hear the term militant christian or militant jew (with the exception and rightful description of those with guns, etc in the middle east). Those of religious minds have inherent prejudices built into their beliefs and believe in unjust treatment in this life and "the next" of those who don't fall in accord with their beliefs, ie gays to not have certain civil liberties and to burn in hell.

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