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Aug 9 2007
anyone have sunday's p&c?

I hear that Sam Moskow, SHL President, was quoted in the P&C on 5 August 2007 (page 5g?) discussing whether candidates should discuss their "faith". However, I haven't been able to locate a copy. If anyone has one and can either send me the whole thing or just Sam's part I would be grateful.



Aug 13 2007
Sam Moskow in P & C - Sunday, Aug. 5, pg. 3G

Unlike smaller newspapers, such as, the NY Times or LA Times, The P & C zealously guards its content. I can't find the story online.

I have the clipping by Sam Moskow ... from pg. 3G, August 5th, The P&C.

The article is titled Readers: Best if politicians walk, not talk, faith. It includes comments by assorted clergy, politicans, and Sam Moskow.

Aug 13 2007

Thanks, Kayaker!

For the record, here are Sam's remarks:

A candidate’s religious affiliation is an interesting bit of information similar to birthplace, age, marital status and profession. No decision on whether to vote for a candidate should be based on religious affiliation alone.

Voters need to know how the presidential candidates arrive at their positions on the critical issues facing our country. An open-minded and intelligent voter will want candidates who are equally open-minded and intelligent, who arrive at decisions based on facts and clear, logical thinking.

Unfortunately, some candidates base their positions on polls and others base their positions on dogmatic principles, religious or otherwise. An intelligent, open-mionded candidate will not impose his religious beliefs on others. Suppose a candidate believes that tit is wrong to use electricity on Saturday or eat swine. Should that belief be imposed on others?

No decision in government should follow from religious beliefs alone. Rational and objective thinking is the only acceptable basis on which public policy should be made. So, a rational candidate will certainly support equal civil rights for all citizens even if the candidate’s religious organization denies religious rights to certain members.

A prime example is marriage between two people of the same gender. There is no rational reason to oppose this as a cibil right and no hones, open-minded, and intelligent candidate would oppose this civil right even if his religious group holds a narrow-minded opinion to the contrary.


President, SHL

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