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Jul 5 2007
will moredock writes about call for "day of prayer"

SHL Member Will Moredock recently published an article about Jim DeMint, atheists in foxholes and the call for a day of prayer for the military:

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Jul 15 2007
war prayer suggestion for the incompetent Senator DeMint

The King James Bible has a "fine" war prayer for xian & Jewish theocratic warriours. The 139th Psalm is often quoted out of context by zealots for zygotes, but the full text is a war prayer of the unborn to "rise up & slew them" "I shall hate thine enemies with perfect hatred" as well as the passages of "ye knew me in my mother's womb" "I am marvelously made" & ye knit me together in secret".... and of course the KJBible is pro-violent abortion in 4 places, Amos, twice in 2Kings & Hosea 13:16 where the "bellies of pregnant women are ripped up" most often Samarian women deserving the sword of good gawdly warriours. With muslim & now Hindu prayers being paid for by taxpayers for the first time since January, the absurd illegal theocratics will just degenerate further into scientology, astrology, Wiccan & Sikh prayers any time soon. Theocracy is Treason. DeMint should be removed from office for his extreme xian bias violative of Article 6 & the First & 14th Amendments.

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