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Jun 6 2007
do they even understand what freedom of religion means?

I've always thought that the Christians who go around complaining that they are an oppressed minority in this country were being hypocritical. They really are not looking for equal rights for all religious views. They want their religion to be granted rights and priveleges denied to other religions and only THEN will they claim it is fair.

And here is the proof:

A Christian group was upset that they could not advertise their religious camps with handouts sent to students through their public schools. The rule was that no religious materials were to be distributed in public schools, but they considered this unfair. So they sued and won. Now they are able to distribute their fliers (with a disclaimer explaining that the school does not endorse their particular religious views).


A camp for children of freethinkers also used the public school system to distribute THEIR fliers the same way, and the Christians were so offended at the very thought of a camp for atheists that they refused to distribute the brochures.

Look, that's the choice if you want to claim you believe in freedom of religion. Either everyone can distribute their materials in public school, even if it disagrees with your religion, OR nobody can distribute their flyers in the public schools. But you can't pick which religions can distribute material to children and still say that there is freedom of religion, can you?!?!

Jun 7 2007

Looks like typical Christian bigotry. Good story...exposing the religious bias and intolerance prevalent throughout our government. I'm glad that humanist lady is working to promote education of secular activities and ultimately a sense of communality for freethinking parents and children.

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