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May 22 2007
Admitted atheist attacked outside gym

Posted on Fri, May. 04, 2007

Admitted atheist attacked outside gym

By Josh Hoke - The Sun News

A Myrtle Beach man and admitted atheist was attacked and robbed on Thursday night by a group of men who took offense to an anti-Christian phrase on his windshield.

The victim told police he was getting out of his car in the parking lot of the Crabtree Gym in Myrtle Beach about 8 p.m. when the men pulled up beside him and inquired about a derogatory statement on the back windshield of his car, according to an incident report.

The victim told police he wrote the statement as a "rebellious act against the National Day of Prayer," the report states.

When the victim argued with the suspects about the statement, they attacked him and robbed him of his wallet.

The victim, who was taken to South Strand Ambulatory Center, told police he was atheist, the report states.

May 23 2007

Hey, I live in the Myrtle Beach area, and I hadn't heard about this. You know, when I used to go to church, all they did was pass the plate. I guess times are tough.

May 23 2007
3 weeks & no perpetrators apprehended?

The Myrtle Beach Atheist who did not like the illegal National Day of Prayer followed by many but not all Mayors & other elected officals earlier this month, was robbed by attackers who first singled him out due to his words of Atheist protest visible on his car. I gave blood to the Red Cross as my alternative to the illegal practice of gov't religious tests enforced upon citizens present in the company of theocrats. Had I known one of my peers needed medical attention after an assault up the coast, I'd rather do bodyguard duty & help investigate to apprehend these violent muggers for Jeebus. This is a federal hate crime & if the State of South Carolina does not prioritize this case, the FBI should be brough in. The open season on Atheists can be abated if we avoid laughing at collection plate jokes & treat religious bigotry at the front lines for the crime that it is.

May 25 2007

I meant no disrespect. This is a serious matter. It is a First-Amendment issue and a hate crime. It will be interesting to see if the authorities also take it seriously, or demonstrate complicity with the attackers by sweeping it under the rug.

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