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May 17 2007
Turkey and secularism (Op-Ed article)

Found a pretty good opinion/editorial on Yahoo news by Georgie Anne Geyer (not a particluar favorite of mine) about Turkey and its secular gov't....;_ylt=ApfMy2wfgu3NvvQYY_lIwIL9wxIF

One encouraging quote from Prime Minister Erdogan (whom I don't know much about) :

"Turkey is a democratic secular state," he said, "and this is how it is going to stay. I am against using religion for political ends, or secularism, either. But secularism is a guarantor of our lifestyles."

Would certainly be ironic if this Muslim country manages to strengthen its secular policies while the US drifts further toward fundamentalism....

I also wonder if or how our involvement with the Kurds might tip the scales one way or another...

-- RF

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