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May 9 2007
SHL member talks about IRWT plates in LA Times

If you click here, I'm happy to say, you'll see a letter from Dave Peterson that was published in the Los Angeles Times mentioning our "In Reason We Trust" license plates.

I'm less happy to point out that you'll also see a letter from some other guy with a completely different viewpoint.


May 9 2007
Other viewpoint

Well, Cunningham - the Indiana writer - sure understands the art of assuming "victim status" to make a point ! (And why on earth is that such a popular way to be, these days??).

His letter had all the usual doublespeak (if thats the right term): "rights", "read the Constitution", etc etc.

Mr Peterson's letter, on the other hand, was simple and direct. Notice Cunningham pretty much sidestepped the fact of IRWT tags in SC cost $30, IGWT costs nothing. He just wanted to talk about Christianity under attack...

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