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Feb 21 2007
Sad News

The following message was sent out this morning by Rev. Peter Lanzillotta of the Unitarian Church:

It is with sadness and yet with some measure of release and relief, that I announce Bill Upshur's passing today. He put up a strenuous effort, it was a prolonged struggle that he nobly fought, and yet the infirmity was too much even for a strong man like Bill.

Jane has been literally his constant companion. She now needs to go home and rest. Please save your calls of condolence for a few days--I know that she will appreciate hearing from you after that time. I will speak with her when she has recuperated her energies, and I will convey to our community what plans have been made and when services will be held at the church.


Feb 27 2007
imagining what Bill might have said

Fighting for life & resisting death are two efforts requiring a delicate balance.

I suspect that if Bill could give us a retrospect, he'd say that he needed to fine tune the chemotherapy dosage.

I for one will fight on. I will resist the notion that death has much relief in store. I will remember to take my vitamins, eat healthy & drink clean water & work for cleaner air.

Grief reminds us of preventable loss. I treasure my memories of Bill.

He was my first new friend in Charleston when I moved here. My first Saturday was an hour picking up debris along the Secular Humanist Roadway sponsored. My first Saturday was spent looking up to a man taller than me & wiser in years.

I'm much richer remembering Bill & hearing echoes of his voice in my head. Let's fine tune the balance between space for private mourning & "rage against the dying of the light." I see a sweet southern voice that can be resounding in others. Fight on playfully as Bill did.

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