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Dec 19 2005
Impeach State Representative Fair from Greenville @ Columbia

Republicans keep electing church propagandists to office in this state. Theocracy is a crime. Violating Article 6 of the US Constitution ought to be enforced by statute as a cause for immediate removal from office. Already, the costs of mailing & publication for a review of state science standards just to include "intelligent design" for discussion is a crime & wasting taxpayer dollars when only a church & his party shall benefit.

Theocrats would scream to high heaven I were elected and wanted to add a paragraph to literature standards requiring teachers to read several passages from the King James Bible that mention violent abortions.

My agenda to expose Hosea 13:16 may be well meaning, but my intent would be called hostile to the free exercise of religion.

Far less hostile and harmful than Fair in his agenda to claim a creator is equal to pre existing matter and evolving life energies as we know today.

Intelligent design advocates are claiming that single celled life is irreducibly complex, implies a designer and won't work if disected. WHEN IN FACT, many replicable experiments are revealing that certain amino acids can be isolated and appear to be identical to certain viruses.

Accordingly, it appears that viral strains evolve this way.

We need more micro biologists, not more theocrats.

Impeach Fair & keep religion and science separate in the classroom.

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