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Nov 19 2005
Incredible video

This video will shock (and most likely entertain) you. Post-viewing comments appreciated.

Nov 21 2005

I had heard that there was going to be an episode where there was a swap of an atheist with a Christian. But it was supposed to air a long time ago. So, did they finally show it on TV or was this clip just circulated on the internet somehow?

I'm curious to know what the rest of the show looked like. In this scene we see the Christian mom complaining about "the dark side" that she encountered in the non-Christian home, but I'm wondering whether her description is accurate. She talks about how they believe in psychics and tarot cards and worship gods and such. Now, I do know people like that. Such "new age"-y people are certainly non-Christian, though not "dark" in any way...usually they are extremely kind and cheerful people. But, that's just not what I *THOUGHT* this show was going to be about. I thought the atheist family was going to be the family of Reginald Finley "the Infidel Guy" who gave a talk to the SHL once. I got the feeling that HE was a real skeptic, not only disbelieving in "God", but also in gods, psychics and tarot cards. (I remember that he spoke about he once worked for "the psychic network" and how completely bogus it was!)

So, was all the stuff she said about "Tarot" and "psychics" and such her imagination, or is that really what the "non-Christian mom's" beliefs were like?


Nov 21 2005

I know the family (the Finleys) you are referring to, and this is not it. Apparently their episode was not aired (not sure why). This is a Pagan family that switched with/to the Christian family. The women had little interaction with the family except to read bible verses, stomped off in a hystercial fit while on the Pagen family's radio broadcast because there was either a tarot card reader or psychic on the phone, and demanded for the family to attend a church. Side note* The youngest little girl is the daughter of the women's daughter (her grandaughter). She was born to the daughter at age 16. :wink:

Mar 19 2007

UGH! I can't believe I missed this. I just tried the link and it didn't work for me. Does anyone know where else I might be able to find this video? As you can see....It's a slow Monday here at work! :P


Mar 20 2007

You can find it in a lot of places by searching for "trading spouses christian pagan". For instance, I found it (still working) at this address:

May 8 2007

Wow!!! I think Mrs. "Christian Warrior" needs an exorcism of her own - lol. I think I'd be more afraid of her than hell itself if it existed.

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