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Sep 1 2005
state senator wants "intelligent design" in school

Sep 7 2005
Oppose the anti-science bill!

The bill is Senate Bill 909. If voted into law, Chapter 5, Title 59 of the State Code would be amended to read: "In the promulgation of policies and regulations regarding kindergarten through twelfth grade education, the State Board of Education shall implement policies and a curriculum that accomplish the General Assembly's desire to provide a quality science education that shall prepare students to distinguish the data and testable theories of science from religious or philosophical claims that are made in the name of science. Where topics are taught that may generate controversy, such as biological evolution, the curriculum should help students to understand the full range of scientific views that exist, why such topics may generate controversy, and how scientific discoveries can profoundly affect society."

This bill is currently in the Committee on Education, but may be taken up in January. Write your Senators and Representatives and tell them to oppose this dangerous, blatant attempt to substitute religion for science!

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