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Aug 25 2005
Coalition hires former NV state senator as 1st lobbyist

As many of you know, Herb Silverman is president both of the SHL (a local organization) and the Secular Coalition of America (a national organization). One of the main goals of the Coalition has been to get some lobbyists in Washington to represent the views of nonreligious Americans.

A major step towards achieving this goal was taken this month when the Coalition hired Lori Lipman Brown as its first director/lobbyist. As a Nevada state senator from 1992 to 1994, Brown passed bills dealing with the repeal of consensual sex crimes, mental health care reform and school curricula. She is admitted to practice law in three states, as well as in the 9th Circuit District Court. She has taught Constitutional Law in college. As director, Brown will focus her energies on lobbying and coalition building. She will begin her duties on Sept. 19.

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Sep 7 2005
second lobbyist hired!

Ron Millar has worked for many campaign groups in Virginia and Washington, DC, including chairing NARAL Virginia's Public Action Committee. His professional background includes five years as deputy director of the National Research Council at the National Academies. Millar is completing a Ph.D. on the role of interest groups in Supreme Court cases regarding funding of religious schools.

Millar joins Lori Lipman Brown, a former Nevada State Senator who is the Director/Lobbyist of the Secular Coalition for America. They will start work at their DC office on Sept. 19. Both Brown and Millar will be registered as lobbyists, with Millar focusing more on research and networking, while Brown meets with Congress members and represents SCA to the media and public.

As a 501(c)(4) lobbying organization, the Secular Coalition is able to devote up to 100 percent of its staff time and resources to lobbying work.

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