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Jul 17 2005
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Justice Champ Lyons to seek second six-year term

Lyons voted to comply with order to remove Ten Commandments monument

Get religion out of courts. Period.

Brian Clarey Editor

Air Force Academy inquiry leaves campus ministries prayerful

School district in clash with Freethought Society

Pentagon told to quit supporting Scout fest,1,3634323.story?coll=chi-newslocalchicago-hed

10 Commandments stay in courthouse

Churches surf for souls with beach prayer

Despite Scopes, evolution still on trial

Tony Perkins' Family Research Council

Battling against same-sex marriage and activist judges, and raising hell over Terri Schiavo, Perkins has come a long way since his David Duke mail list-buying caper in Louisiana

Life, liberty and the pursuit of your land

Campaign targets county seal

Janice Hahn is among the supporters of an initiative to put a cross back in L.A. County's official logo.

Maybe five commandments are enough

The Significance of the Scopes Trial

Education board makes science changes

Is a holy book really necessary in court?

Gov. Bush touts Christian-based program for schools

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