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May 30 2005
May 30 News Links (11 Links)

Hope scholar: Same-sex marriage OK

Drive-by sermonettes stir talk of spirituality

"Balancing" Science and Pseudo-Science at the New York Times

Textbook publisher seeks to enter evolution lawsuit

Slap at evolution cut out in Cobb`N\NUOaNYUbTTUWUXUTUZT[UbUWUcUaUZU`U[UcTYWYWZV

Protesters confront Scouts over ban on gays, atheists

Lawsuit says school violated free-speech rights

Federal Funding of Christian College Under Fire

The U of M is getting cozy with a religious organization. One church-state activist is suing over it.

Faith-Based No More? The U Gets Hit with a Church-State Lawsuit

Legal Groups Stand Guard over Graduation Prayer

The symbol at the center of the Mount Soledad debate wasn't always embraced by Christians


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