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May 27 2005
May 27 News ( 9 links)

Respect for Religion: the View From the Air Force

AF secretary hears religion-bias claims

A panel is looking at allegations Christians are favored over non-Christians at the academy

Ten Commandments back in facility

A framed copy of the Ten Commandments is hanging again in the Elkhart County building with copies of other historical documents.

Science teacher relates role in landmark evolution case

Christian firm accused of NZ school net censorship

An anti-capitalist youth group, gay rights activists and rationalists are angry that a Christian company is providing internet filtering to New Zealand schools

Atheists Gather to Spread the Bad News

Atheists gathered in San Francisco over the weekend for the first "All Atheist Weekend." It was an effort to put a friendlier face on God-lessness

Teaching just one view of creation is repugnant

In 1925, at the Scopes trial, creationists learned a hard lesson. In America, to teach only one viewpoint of scientific origins is not only repugnant, but it also borders on fascism.

Hooker bills rooted in religious beliefs

Conservatives embrace creation of 'theocracy'

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