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May 23 2005
may 21 News (5 Links)

Just the Beginning

Forcing a rule change on filibusters is only the start of the GOPís radical judicial agenda

Plaque's return slated

Redisplay of Ten Commandments OK'd by court

'Atheist' back in pulpit

Copenhagen - A Danish Lutheran minister who was suspended after he publicly denied the existence of God renewed his clerical vows on Friday so that he can return to the pulpit,,2-10-1462_1708563,00.html

Rabbi Marc Gellman & Msgr. Thomas Hartman

The God Squad

How to keep faith when grandpa's a vocal atheist,0,457679.column

Movie explores Jesus' mythical proportions

Film asks if Christian leader ever existed

May 24 2005
flemming movie sounds interesting

The movie "The God Who Wasn't There" sounds interesting. (See link above.) I wonder whether we could get a copy of it, or the director himself, to visit the SHL next year?


May 24 2005

Here's where you can get a copy.

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