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May 18 2005
May 18 News (5 links)

Gay Ban Gets Scouts Barred From Syracuse U

Brevard graduation site prompts lawsuit

A Palm Bay High senior and 2 parents object to a ceremony set for a church with a cross,0,5561159.story?coll=orl-home-headlines

Dover voters weigh in on intelligent design

Voters to decide fate of Soledad landmark

How to be a religious atheist

Tom Clark says religious atheism hasnít been tried and found wanting. Itís just never been tried.


May 19 2005
two more

"Intelligent design" & Ten Commandments in NYS:

Two bills calling for equal time for "intelligent design" in public schools and allowing for the posting of the Ten Commandments on government property were introduced to the New York State Assembly on May 3.

Judge allows graduation in Church, but sides with AU:

Today Federal District Judge Gregory A. Presnell rejected a request by Americans United for Separation of Church and State (AU) to stop four Florida high school graduation ceremonies from taking place at a church. The judge did not reject the temporary restraining order on it's merit, however.

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