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May 17 2005
may 17 News (11 Links)

Gay Supporters Denied Communion

'A blatant anti-Semitic broadcast',7340,L-3085750,00.html

Albert Einstein: religiously scientific

Harvard University professor Gerald Holton discusses Einsteinís views on religion, ethics and relativity.

Analysis: Evolution likely to be key issue in school board races

Disparate Coalitions Now Make Up Two Parties, Study Finds

Soledad memorial at its next crossroad

The American Board of Rabbis Condemns SC Senator Ernest Hollings Blatant Anti-Semitism and Call for His Immediate Resignation

School Boards Want to 'Teach the Controversy.' What Controversy?

Local Congressman Trying To Protect Soledad Cross

Police chief awaits decision on job

Panel of Leading Constitutional Scholars to Debate 'The Constitution & The Boy Scouts' Wednesday at Noon


May 19 2005
senator hollings story is old

The article about Senator Hollings above must be very old. (The article claims that people are calling for his resignation...but he's no longer a senator; he retired!)


May 19 2005

The Hollings story is older, but it has shown up on several websites. My guess is the sites are all linked to each other.

I thought I would post it to see the comments. I can't figure out why this particular story is making the blogs now.

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