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Apr 27 2005
april 27 news ( 11 links)

State: Plate no place for religion


Jesus Was No GOP Lobbyist

A tortured version of his message is being marketed for political gain,0,1240928.story

Editorial: Faith-based courts

Kansas board taking up evolution debate

i know i've posted a similar story before, but this is the latest information.

Sign-Wielding Man Condemns Gays at Queer Pride Rally

Ten Commandments, pro-life booth focuses of Morals Week

THE BROOME CLOSET: The Difference Between Madison and Moses

Church changes U.S. society

opinion piece

Atheists Sue Education Department Over Funding of Christian College

Christian Coalition President Roberta Combs Tells Democrats: 'Stop Discriminating Against Successful Women'; Christian Coalition Calls on Republican Leadership to Vote to End the Filibuster

Focus Says Salazar's 'Antichrist' Comments a Smokescreen; Senator is Using 'Overheated Rhetoric' to Divert Attention from His Record, Ministry Says

news from around the country.


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