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Apr 26 2005
judge: at "war" with secular humanists

LA Times story quotes appellate court judge candidate (and current California Supreme Court Justice) Janice Rogers Brown as saying that the country is in a "war" against secular humanists.

BTW When did the term "secular humanist" come to be applied to ANYONE in favor of the separation of church and state? I thought that it was a much more specific term. Lots of people (who may be atheists or agnostics or even open-minded theists) are opposed to the amateur theology of our politicians and judges but are not themselves secular humanists. (Perhaps the religious right has decided that the term is somehow SCARY and is using it to de-humanize this viewpoint by using terms that many people do not understand?)

Apr 28 2005

The woman is truly paranoid. How ironic that she expounds freedom and liberty, the very things she is trying to destroy.

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