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Apr 25 2005
April 25th News (9 links)

Priest ordered to stay away from Travaglini home

Was protesting stem cell measure

Rally rebuts GOP stance on filibusters

Ecumenical crowd of 600 says dissenters can be people of faith

Religion and politics

When compromise doesn't have a prayer, it's time to say one

Frist Urges End to Nominee Filibusters

Democrats Decry Speech at Church Rally

Netscape guru: Take religion out of business

Frist speaks to Christian anti-filibuster rally

Do You Really Want The Truth About God?

An academy of intolerance

When the U.S. Air Force Academy embraces one faith, freedom is in a death grip

Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice Statement: With Federal Courts at Stake, The Nation needs Courage, Not Compromise


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