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Apr 15 2005
April 15 news ( 10 links)

Board of Education hears debate on science curriculum

Kansas State Board of Education

New science standars plan reaches state school board

follow up to the first link

ADL to Senator Frist: Playing Religious Card Is 'Unacceptable' In Judicial Confirmation Debate

MB school religion dispute over family tiles is settled

Each side of a constitutional fight over a cross claims satisfaction with the out-of-court accord

La. license plate lawsuit rejected

Court: State can offer 'Choose life' tags

Judeo-Christian Council Decries Allegations of Incitement by Senate Democrats

Reform Jewish Movement Calls on Sen. Frist to Repudiate Claim That Judicial Nominees are Victims of A 'Filibuster Against Faith'; RAC Director Saperstein: Support for "Justice Sunday" Event is Disingenuous, Dangerous, Demagogic

Teen's wish sparks pledge bill

'Under God' Could Show Up On Ohio License Plates

Plates Will Cost $10

Believers aim to 'reclaim' America

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