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Apr 14 2005
April 14 news (

Rehearsals for the Rapture

Will Christian Zionists and radical right wing Jewish groups head to

Israel to disrupt the dismantling of Gaza settlements?

Don't spook kids out with the Holy Ghost

This short article is from London

Aderholt talks U.S.-Israeli relations

Some of Aderholt's quotes make me wonder why Irsaeli's would want his support

The Atheist #1 In Stores Tomorrow

A comic book about an atheist.

Suit against prayer spurs backlash

'If they don't like it - go to another school,' one resident said of religious minorities

So much for loving one another

Religion under a secular assault

more on the ten commadments case

There seems to be alot of news going on about Christians going over to Isreal to help bring about the Rapture. I have only posted one article because I either could not verify the source or felt the source of the news was dubious. Being a second generation atheist I do not understand much of what I am reading about The Rapture and it's connection to Israel, so if someone could please find an article or post an explination I would be most grateful.


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