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Apr 12 2005
April 12 news(10 links)

Reviving age-old debate: Evolution vs. creationism

An update on the debate in Pennsylvania on what to teach in public schools.

Bills would shield schools from church-state disputes

More from Pennsylvania.

Church delivers offensive message

A letter to an editor in Maine

The Supreme Court Considers Legislation on Prisoners' Religious Requests:

Interpreting the Religious Land Use and Institutionalized Persons Act

A Proposed Bill to Ban Male Circumcision:

The Clash of Gender, Religion, and the Protection of Children

Pregame prayer prompts court filing

Parent wants board held in contempt

House approves student prayer

Little Rock, Arkasas

Let Ten Commandments debate begin

The framers of our Constitution did not draw upon the Bible to shore up our legal system,0,6739788.story?coll=ny-viewpoints-headlines

A very interesting editorial with a little constitutuional history thrown in.

Legion Fires Legislative Volley at ACLU Over Scouts

Group: Inaccurate Sex Ed Info Puts Kids at Risk; Sex Education Groups Promote Dangerous Chemical; Putting Teen Lives at Risk, Scientific Study Shows

This short cute article has been included in todays offering, because I thought the quote from the President of Abstinance Clearinghouse was funny.

Leading Republican Group Calls on Administration, Congress to Stop Pandering to Religious Right and Stand Up for Victims' Rights

The 10 commandments seem to be on quite a few state legisatures agendas. I did not post them because there was a common thread to earlier posts and I didn't want to be redundant in my posts. Our own state has a similar bill floating through the General Assymbly. (there's a link on a previous post). All of these efforts could be for naught. We really won't know the constitutionality of the state efforts until the Supreme Court renders their decision in May.

That's all for today.


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