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Apr 7 2005
April 7 News

S.C. Gov. Sanford Issues Proclamation Declaring 'Prom and Graduation Safety Months'

A quick spin ...... around the State House

local news

Terri Schiavo reactions from around the states

The case of Terri Schiavo and the crisis of politics and culture in the United States

Imagine there's no heaven

A Canadian perspective on what's going on stateside.

A Good Read - Jefferson's church and state

Lawmakers Debate Schiavo-Related Issues

Schiavo Case: Living Wills, Autopsy Not the Answer, Says Fr. Pavone of Priests for Life

Launch of New Report on Faith-Based Organizations in the Global HIV/AIDS Fight

Groundbreaking Study on Spirituality and Religion Among College Students to be Released Wednesday, April 13 at 11 a.m.

Jews and Christians Blast Presbyterian Anti-Israel Policy; New Report Says PC(USA) is Megaphone for PLO

Statement of Philip E. Clapp, President, Natl Environmental Trust on Today's Global Warming Remarks by Duke Energy CEO Paul Anderson

according to the Bush Administration Global warming doesn't exists.

I you haven't read today's Post and Courier

Check out the letters to the editor. People are livid about Imax and evolution and they are letting the paper know.

I for one am glad they are speaking out we have one of the lowest levels of education in the country, and yet segments of the local populace would rather bury their heads in the sand than learn something new. The worst part is they pass the prejudice against education on to the next generation. I am glad that my mother instilled in me a hunger for knowledge that I am happy to pass on to my own child and any other child that is in my sphere of influence.

Right now that is the best I can do.


Apr 8 2005

You say

Check out the letters to the editor. People are livid about Imax and evolution and they are letting the paper know.

This set me up to expect to see a flood of letters all complaining about the decision of the Imax theater not to show a film due to the fact that it mentions evolution.

However, when I looked I saw only two letters, and one of the two stated that evolution is obviously wrong and that we should all believe in a creator.

Oh well, perhaps I should just be glad that the other letter expressing the alternate viewpoint was published as well...


Apr 8 2005


In the first two links you listed today it is not easy for a reader to know what it is that makes the article appropriate for this forum. For instance, in the second article there is a brief discussion about a bill to allow the posting of the ten commandments in government buildings in South Carolina, but I would not have known that if I hadn't followed the link. (And I'm still not sure what the first link has to do with the SHL, although it is still interesting to know about.)

I'm not trying to give you more work, and it would be fine if you are not able to do it. However, if you could include a more informative headline or a comment or two afterwards, that could be nice.



Apr 8 2005

Sorry, I was in kind of a rush last night. I usually put a comment or have an explanation. I put the first one up just because I thought it was an intersting article and I was supposed to note that almost all 50 state governors have declared the same thing, so apparently the 50 states can agree on something. Did you look any futher back than just the one day on the letters to the editors? There have been more and one of the columnists mentioned in an artcle that the paper was recieving alot of mail on the Imax thing. but I didn't have time to search for the artcle.

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