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Apr 6 2005
April 6 news (10 links)

Christian Defense Coalition Cites Zogby Poll Showing 80 Pct. of Americans Do Not Support Denying Food, Water to the Disabled

I went and read some of the polling questions. The biggest problem I saw was they portrayed Terri Schiavo as being "disabled." To me Disabled is not the same as Persistant Vegitative State.

Confronting the Judicial War on Faith; Conference Will Convene Tomorrow in Washington D.C.

Citizens Against Government Waste: 2005 Pig Book Exposes Record $27.3 Billion in Pork; Photo Available

A Field Guide to 'Judicial Activism': A Justice at Stake Backgrounder on Today's Emptiest Sound Bite

WEST CHESTER -- The Ten Commandments plaque was covered again on Tuesday. But this time, it wasn’t because of any court rulings.

Flag shouldn't be lowered for pope, group says

Creationists welcome fossil find

They say an NCSU paleontologist's discovery of tissue in dinosaur bones shows Earth is not that old


Still soft and stretchy

Dinosaur soft tissue find—a stunning rebuttal of “millions of years”

We interrupt this game

This was just funny

High Court refuses to lift ban on Jews working on Saturday

Some overseas news.

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