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Apr 5 2005
April 5 (10 links),1299,DRMN_61_3676018,00.html

Religion to have role at Parade of Lights

Christmas season event overturns longstanding policy

Seattle think tank raises questions about evolution

Philosopher says intelligent design theory can't be put to test

Districts woo homeschooled

Every child in classroom means money from state

Fr. Frank Pavone of Priests for Life Statement on Terri Schiavo's DeathSorry I know I said no more Terri Schiavo, but this is a follow up to one of my earlier postings.

Americans Encouraged to 'Save Phil' and Prevent Abuse of Power; Alliance for Justice Action Campaign Launches National Media and Internet Campaign to Preserve the Filibuster

Important preservation of powers campaign.

Gun Violence Victims Urge Congress to 'Err on the Side of Life,' Reject Legal Protection for Gun Sellers

RNC: Once Again, Erroneously Attacks; Attempts to Re-Write Judicial Confirmation History in Baseless New Ad

Brookings Institution to Hold Briefing on Faith and Youth in the iPod Era,2933,152475,00.html

How Pope John Paul II Looked at America

Bill O'rielly can always move to Italy.

It's amazing how most conservatives equate Atheism or Humanism with everthing that is wrong with the world. It's like they believe if veryone started praying all the world ills will be cured. Life is too short for me to worry about what a talking head like o'rielly thinks, but his intended influence on others really concerns me.


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