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Apr 4 2005
April 4 news updates (9)

Just in case you missed it, some guy called the Pope died. I do understand that for millions around the world this is a sad moment. What I do not understand is the 24 hour Pope-A-Thon on the cable news channels. They act like the world has stopped moving. As sad as I am at the passing of an 84 year old Parkinson's patient I was sick of the media vultures who were circling the Vactican searching for scraps.

I did manage to find a few bits of non-pope news and a few letters-to-editors which I thought were interesting.

Not only in Penn.

List of books on evolution

Letters to the Editor-Bad alliance-Contradictions

Atheists are writing back!

Activism and the disabled

Terri Schiavo backlash

Beset by GOP, Texas Dems find God

Caucus reframes issues with religion, but critics doubt it can catch up

Amnesty International's Annual Death Penalty Report Finds Global Trend Toward Abolition

U.S. Government Should Meet the Needs of ALL Families; SIECUS Launches 'Families Are Speaking Out' to Help Parents Voice Concerns Over New HHS Web Site,

Focus on the Family Urges End of Judicial Filibusters; Filibusters 'An Unconscionable Shirking of 'Advice and Consent' Duty'

Dobson: Jefferson's Predictions of Oligarchy Have Come True

Apparently Dobson is selective about which of Jefferson's ideas he promotes.

As a sidebar the Focus on the Family website is a great place to find out where to buy porn.

There is a disturbing trend among school districts to require teaching Itelligent Design in science class. I've seen reports of intimidation by Christian parents upon teachers and administators, but have not been able to idependantly verify the stories. My neighbor, who is a Wiccan, did visit me the other day to ask for advice on what to do about her friends sons science teacher. She continously tell her class that God created everything and they should ignore that evolution stuff because it was a lie.

I gave my friend the website of a few good civil rights attornys and told her to not be afraid to raise her voice because I will stand beside her.

Living in Moncks Corner I have a feeling this will become a big thing. I will keep you informed.

I'll have more tomorrow. Enjoy!

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