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Apr 3 2005
Museum changes plan, will air volcano film

The Associated Press

CHARLOTTE, N.C. - The city's science museum has reversed itself and will show an IMAX film about volcanoes that refers to evolution.

Discovery Place made its announcement Thursday, saying public discussion of "Volcanoes of the Deep Sea" and interest in the film had caused the change.

Discovery Place President and Chief Executive Officer John Mackay Jr. said "Volcanoes" will be shown three times April 14, with producer and director Stephen Low of Montreal introducing one showing and taking questions afterward.

Starting Aug. 12, the film will enter the museum's regular IMAX rotation and run for six months.

"We were surprised at the amount of interest this issue has generated," Mackay said in a statement Thursday. "It appears that many people are interested in seeing this film, and we don't want to deny anyone this opportunity."

The museum decided two years ago to pass on the film. But recent stories about the film being rejected for showing in other Southern cities, including Charleston, brought attention to Discovery Place's decision.

The director of Charleston's IMAX theater said many people in her viewing audience believe in creationism, not evolution, and that she did not want to show a film that would not sell to her audience.

Discovery Place estimated it received 100 calls, letters and e-mails in reaction to its decision to pass on "Volcanoes." Responses were mixed.

Mackay has said the film's take on evolution was a "minor consideration" in the museum's initial decision not to show the movie. He said surveys also showed the film might be disturbing to some young children, who make up a large portion of the viewing audience at the theater.

Low said his film makes no definitive statement about evolution and creationism.

Apr 5 2005
The museum in CHARLOTTE changed plans...

That's Charlotte, but what about Charleston? As far as I've heard, there has not yet been a change of plans here at the Riverwalk IMAX Theater.


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