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Apr 1 2005
April 1 News (9 links)

Woman designs banner U.S. Christians can wave

In gods we trust

Evangelicals insist that the U.S. is a Christian country. An increasing number of Americans beg to differ. (So does the Constitution.)

New battle over evolution erupts in nation's schools

I might have already published a similar story, but I want to see how widespread the problem is.

Unmarried woman challenges law

Fired because she lived with her boyfriend, she files suit to overturn state cohabitation ban.

I wonder how many of the people convicted of cohabitation were men?

Witch museum closes in Thumb

No more Wicked Witch costums at Wal-Mart.

ADL Commends Court's Dismissal of Constitutional Claims In Cupertino School Case

New York State Bar Association President Calls for Reasoned Responses to Issues and Laws in Schiavo Case

I know I said no more about Terri Schiavo, well I lied.

Move over, Anthony Flew

The anti-evolutionists don't have many Steves, but they've gained a new John. Wilkins has defected to the Dim Side. This is bad news, but fortunately, I've been preparing excuses.

Just for a laugh!

Evolving Thoughts

Evolution, culture, philosophy and chocolate! One man's continuing struggle to come to terms with impermanence... "Humanus sum, nihil humanum a me alienum puto" - Terence

This is what Mr. Wilkins had to say.

Hope you enjoy!

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