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Apr 1 2005
On the wire this morning April 1

Have a few older news stories that haven't been posted before and new stuff about education that might disturb you.

U.S. Rep. Chet Edwards calls church/state separation his top issue

145 Public Health and Advocacy Organizations Seek Removal of, a New HHS Web Site; Web Site Includes Medical Inaccuracies, Biases, Fear-Based Messages, Groups Say

Soledad cross supporters claim enough signatures to force special election

Newdow's Million-Dollar Judgment Against Pastor Set Aside

Atheism is its own belief system

Death sentence by jury that discussed Bible thrown out

Analysis: Teachers feel pressure on E-word

Beebe school board not backing down from ACLU

I know this has been discussed before, but because of this new twist it is worth mentioning again.

Censoring Science: IMAX and Evolution

Calls Mount for Australian State to Rescind Religious Hatred Law

U study looks at genes, religion links

U study looks at genes, religion links

Intelligent design belongs but not in our schools

Mississippi passes Commandments bill

My husband wants to know if government buildings will have to post the commandments in Spanish too.

Church-state lesson learned

Voters recall Pledge objector

One more reason why I'll never get to hold public office.

Hop you enjoy todays news! Let me know if you have any problem with the links.

Apr 1 2005

Heh, avalanche!

Looks good all except for the heading "U study looks at genes, religion links," where the link is broken.

Apr 2 2005

U study looks at genes, religion links

Try this!


Apr 2 2005

That works. :-) Thanks!

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