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Mar 18 2005
News Update for March 18, 2005 (6 links)

Judge Blocks Schiavo Feeding Tube Removal... Again

PINELLAS PARK, Fla. - A state judge on Friday temporarily blocked the removal of the feeding tube for severely brain-damaged Terri Schiavo as legal wrangling continued over efforts by congressional Republicans to keep her alive.

Press Release: National Geographic Channel to Air Special on Crucifixion

The act of crucifixion was undeniably gruesome. But how accurate are the classic portrayals of the crucifixion by artists like Michelangelo? Can science confirm our traditional assumptions behind one of Christianity's defining moments? This Easter Sunday, March 27 at 9 p.m. ET/PT, the National Geographic Channel goes on a "Quest for Truth" with the world premiere special "The Crucifixion."

Muslim Nations and Freedom of Religion

A look at the diversity of constitution among nations where Islam is the primary religion. (Christian Science Monitor)

Teens And Religion

(Audio, NPR) Teenagers test their bodies, their minds, and their spiritual sides. A new book reports that a majority of teens say religion plays an important role in their lives, though few can articulate just what it is they believe. We discuss teens and religion.

10 Years Later, Subway Attack Still Influences Japanese View on Religion

TOKYO (AFP) - A deadly gas attack on the Tokyo subway by an apocalyptic cult 10 years ago exposed the deep alienation in modern Japan, and the shock still tarnishes the image of religion in the country, mainstream faiths included.

A Secular Rite of Passage

While some atheist communities mark the transition from childhood to adulthood with the acknowledgement of growing pains, Germany's faithless are initiated into the grown-up world by means of an official ceremony.

Mar 18 2005

Has anyone else noticed that the same people who were having screaming fits over gay marriage and how the government should protect marriage are the same people who are lobbying congress to override Michael Shiavo's rights as a spouse?

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