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Mar 16 2005
News Summary for March 16, 2005 (10 Links)

Police Focus on Religion in Milwaukee Shootings

CHICAGO, March 14 - The police said Monday that they were increasingly focused on religion as the motive for a man's murderous rampage through a church service on Saturday at a suburban Milwaukee hotel, promising a full investigation even though the killings ended in suicide.

Mormon Teens Ranked No. 1 in Study on Effects of Religion

SALT LAKE CITY - Mormon teens pray more and ranked number one when it comes to the effect of religion on their lives.

Opinion: The Search For Truth May Involve Religion

A Christian perspective defending the separation of church and state.

Judge Approves Indian Inmates' Religion Plan

LINCOLN, Neb. - Nebraska's American Indian inmates can have powwows, meet with medicine men and use a tobacco substitute during religious ceremonies under a federal court settlement approved Monday.

Evangelicals on "Mission to Reclaim America"

Their mission is not simply to save souls. The goal is to mobilize evangelical Christians for political action to return society to what they call "the biblical worldview of the Founding Fathers." Some speak of "restoring a Christian nation." Others shy from that phrase, but agree that the Bible calls them not only to evangelize, but also to transform the culture.

San Diego Pastor Fights Gay Festival Planned For Israel

A coalition of evangelical Christians from the United States, U.S. rabbis and local ultra-Orthodox Jews vowed Wednesday to try and prevent an international gay pride parade from being held in Jerusalem this summer, but the mayor of the holy city said he has no way of stopping it.

Shun Da Vinci Code, Cardinal Tells Catholics

VATICAN CITY (Reuters) - The cardinal leading the Vatican's charge against The Da Vinci Code urged Catholics on Wednesday to shun it like rotten food and branded the bestseller "a sack full of lies" insulting the Christian faith.

Sympathy for the Devil

Daniel Romano was just an ordinary Satanist in Queens. One jagged scar later, he's a national test case for hate crime laws. (Well-researched and extremely long. --Nick)

Gender Selection In Demand

(WebMD) Many women treated at infertility clinics would say yes to a free option to choose their baby's sex, according to a new study.

Yemen Shuts Down 1,400 Illegal Religious Centres

Yemen, Osama bin Ladenís ancestral home, has shut down nearly 1,400 unlicensed religious schools in the last two months for promoting militant ideology and hatred towards the West.

Mar 16 2005

Lots of news today. I found the last line of the first article to be particularly silly.

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