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Mar 14 2005
News Summary for March 14, 2005 (3 links)

Church Attack Motive Puzzles Investigators

BROOKFIELD, Wis. In a humble brown house outside Milwaukee, 44-year-old Terry Ratzmann lived with his Venus' flytraps, his trout that he raised in the basement and periodically ate for dinner, his computers, his mother and his demons.

Wisconsin Sect Focused on 'End Times'

Terry Ratzmann, the man who police say killed seven people and then himself during a church service, was a member of the Living Church of God, a denomination that focuses on "end-time" prophecies.

Schiavo Drama Continues

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. -- Religious groups and the parents of Terri Schiavo are urging state officials to prevent the court-ordered removal of the feeding tube keeping the brain-damaged woman alive.

Need to Hear Religion

A Toronto Star reader responds to Salman Rushdie's article from yesterday.

Also, see Alex's post for an update on the Kansas evolution story.

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