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Mar 8 2005
Saudis detained for rescuing woman from religious police

Saudis detained for rescuing woman from religious police: report


7 March 2005

RIYADH - A group of men were detained for helping a woman who screamed as she was being dragged off by a member of the Saudi religious police after he spotted her in a car with a man, a newspaper reported on Monday.

The shoppers were alarmed by the call for help from the woman when they noticed a man pulling her with force at the gate of a mall in the western city of Taef, Al-Watan said.

The man identified himself as a member of the Commission for the Promotion of Virtue and Prevention of Vice, or religious police, and insisted on detaining the woman, the daily reported.

“They rescued her from his grip forcibly,” it added.

The bearded zealot had apparently spotted the woman getting in a car with a man after she had entered the market with another female. He charged the driver and snatched the car keys, prompting the woman to run back into the mall.

Although a Muslim man should not touch any woman not related by family ties or marriage, the religious policeman reportedly grasped the woman, attempting to drag her into his police car.

Those who intervened to help were detained by police and questioned.

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