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Mar 8 2005
Christian Civic League Website Hacked, Atheist Messages Left


WLBZ, Augusta, ME

The head of the Christian Civic League said hackers destroyed thousands of dollars' worth of the league's intellectual property. They replaced a web page posting the organization's daily newsletter with obscenities and comments advocating atheism.

The hackers destroyed the website less than one hour after Civic League president Michael Heath put out a press release criticizing companies that helped sponsor a banquet put on by the gay rights group Equality Maine.

In addition to the obscene postings, the vandals sent emails from Heath's account claiming that the Christian Civic League was closing because Heath converted to Judaism. Another email simply said, "I am Satan."

This is the second time this website has been attacked. Three months ago, hackers went after the League's message board.

Heath said he's very upset with what happened here, but he's not surprised. He said the Civic League's strong stand against homosexuality has made it a target for threats and vandals.

Heath said, "My experience is that the most intolerant and the least diverse people I meet and talk with are those who are most convinced that homosexual rights is the way to go."

Heath has replaced the web page that was attacked with one explaining what happened. Augusta police are investigating.

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