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Feb 21 2012
should the US have an official position on Islamic teachings

Though I'm obviously not in favor of terrorism committed in the name of Islam, or any religion, I agree with the author of a thought provoking article in today's NYT that criticizes US government agents and agencies for taking sides on theological/religious questions within the religion itself. For example:

TWO years ago, John O. Brennan, President Obama’s top adviser on counterterrorism, spoke to members of a Muslim student group in a packed auditorium at the law school where I teach, offering his audience the White House’s position about what jihad does and does not mean.


The Ohio Department of Public Safety has produced and distributed literature that declares, “When extremists attack and kill in the name of jihad, mainstream Muslims consider such acts as a total deviation from the true religion of Islam.”


The problem is that when American officials intervene in Islamic teachings — interpreting them to believers in a national-security context and saying which are or are not acceptable — they create tensions, both legal and strategic.

For more, check out the original story here.

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